We make money only when YOU make money.

Dedicated Account Manager

Each hotel account is assigned to a dedicated account manager who will work with you to devise and plan strategies to market and get your hotel on firm footing.

Hassle Free Accounting

Hassel Free accounting ensures that you don’t have to worry about what commission to and to whom.

Professional Management

We take care of all the administrative and accounting needs ensuring that you devote your time and resources to the customers.

Dynamic Pricing

Using the best tools and analytics, we suggest the best prices and inventory ensuring your hotel is always booked.

Maximum Exposure

We work with several online and offline agencies to ensure that your hotel get brand visibility and bookings.

No Sign Up Fee

No sign up fee, you pay only when you get business.

How we do it?

We make money only when YOU make money.

StreetGoose is here to help you market your hotel, ensure high visibility, create brand impact and get more guests so that your revenues always grow and keep on growing.

How we do
We do a thorough research to understand your hotel marketing and revenue needs.
How we do
Based on the outcome, our team then plans out a work flow for your specific hotel.
How we do
The plan is put in place and monitored on a daily basis.
How we do
Every data - rates, reviews or a booking is analysed and action taken on it accordingly.
How we do
Results whether good or bad are shared with partners on weekly, monthly basis.

Services We Offer

We make money only when YOU make money.

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Online Channel Management

Through this channel we allow you to partner with large agents from different parts of the world and compete in the global markets.

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Online Reputation Management

We have high reputation when it comes to management in hoteliering and this image allows hotels registered under us to enjoy the same status and benefits.

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Performance Reports

We keep track of the performances and progress of every units and hotels registered under us.

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Sales Office

Our sales offices are located in various locations to enable customers avail our services directly through us.

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B2B Partnership

Hotels registered under us get this opportunity as we administer all the hotels under us and allow transfers of clients from one hotel to the other.

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Digital Brand Building

We help hotels registered under us gain brand reputation by monitoring the quality of service they provide.

Countries of Operation

Thailand Malaysia Cambodia Philippines Indonesia